Kansai Special

Machine control system for disabled operator

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Blow in the pipe and the machine will start sewing

Cover the end of the pipe with the tongue to create a vacuum and the machine will sew continuously at a constant speed.

Machine speed can be controlled by the pressure amount that is blowed.

Stop blowing in the pipe and the machine will stop sewing

Suck on the pipe a little and the presser foot will lift.

Suck on the pipe a little more and the machine will back tack (if lockstitch), trim the thread, activate the tension release, activate the thread wiper and raise the presser foot.

All of the machines standard features are retained.

Both hands can still be used for sewing

Conversion can be retro fitted by us to existing machines

Can be fitted to lockstitch or chainstitch machines

Can be used in combination with EFKA, HO HSING, SUNSTAR FORTUNA motors and controllers.


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